Integrated Facility Management

The COVID-19 outbreak has acted as a catalyst for change and has reiterated the need to pay attention to how facilities are being managed and services are being delivered. All built environments, owned or leased offices, warehouses, retail stores or manufacturing facilities, will require careful consideration and tailored plans.
With a key focus on health and wellness, a well-maintained facility leads to a healthy, comfortable, and secure work environment where health & safety is put on priority, maintenance costs are optimized, the highest quality is maintained and managed.

Limitless Security & Facility Management is continuously redefining and reshaping to deliver the highest standards of services. Our services encompass all critical aspects ranging from soft & technical solutions to security management and specialized service solutions.


Housekeeping & Cleaning Services

From warehouses to schools to retail and office buildings, facilities management is an essential part of ensuring the upkeep of a property in the most efficient manner. Our goals are to maximize productivity, reduce maintenance costs, & improve the well-being of occupants. Our efficient & highly trained staff use environment friendly products & adopt industry best practices to consistently deliver results that exceed client expectations.

  • Workspace Management
  • Manual & Automated Housekeeping Service
  • Pantry Management
  • Pest Control
  • Waste Management
  • Chemical & Consumable Management

SMART Cleaning and IoT based modules

We are a future-ready organization and implement fully integrated cleaning management platforms and equipment to achieve the highest level of cleanliness & hygiene standards.

A typical list of IoT based modules :


Following the end of hybrid working and employees returning to the office, the need to pay high attention to how facilities are being managed and services are being delivered has enormously grown. All built environments, owned or leased offices, warehouses, retail stores or manufacturing facilities, will require careful consideration and tailored plans. With a key focus on health and wellness, a well-maintained facility leads to a healthy, comfortable, and secure work environment.

Our innovative program is developed to support any type of facility cleaning operation by selectively optimizing products, machines, and manual cleaning methods and by implementing Automation in such a way that it enhances working efficiency, performance, quality, and Safety.
By introducing basic changes to the methodologies, tools, and technology we implement innovative cleaning solutions.

Method Change : Changing cleaning method & staff re-organization.

  • Accurate dozing of concentrate is delivered to prewetted system.
  • It eliminates the cumbersome & outdated bucket mop system.
  • It reduces the fatigue of the cleaner, prevents loss of time & water.
  • The cleaners replenish preset refills from the mop box & deposit used refills back in the laundry bags.
  • The cleaners are equipped with a waist belt, carrying sufficient refills.
  • The used dusters go into the laundry bag.
  • This prevents cross contamination.

Platform Change : Switching from bulk packs to super concentrates.

  • Use of super concentrate is a sustainable solution that offers accurate dosing, thereby reducing chemical wastage.
  • This in result enables all of us to contribute to the environment due to less use of packaging plastic and less use of resources required to transport bulk chemicals.
  • Moreover staff do not have to worry about dilution rates as that is an automated process.
  • Concentrates are color coded, thus there is no confusion w.r.t

Mechanization : Using the right machines.

  • Using the right equipment in the right place improves staff productivity, overall operational efficiency and maintains the facility with proper cleaning in place.

Automation : Self Supervision through IOT

  • Mobile Application and Sensor based system to automate cleaning process, which provides total control when and how often cleaning is done in most optimized manner.


Automation and Robots

Automation is an ecosystem of technologies. It is about bringing various business and operational processes together, it supports business activities by automating multiple technologies, tools or platforms.

Culture of technology, robotisation along with health and safety is key focus area in today’s workplace. We are ready to implement future-ready robotic technologies in the space of facilities management.

A simple process flow that shows how automation helps optimized operations

Application - Process Flow


Wet Trolleys : The mobile work station is fitted with everything the operator needs. Cloths, mops and equipment can be positioned on the mobile work station where they are easiest to handle.

Microfiber : Microfibers, when used dry, create a static charge which attracts dry soil, bacteria and dust. When used damp, they can absorb up to 900% of their weight and use capillary action to lift and trap dirt, moisture and bacteria.

Divermite System : It is a wall mounted system that combines the use of highly concentrated product formulations with accurate dosing.

Waist Belt : Waist adjustable Microbelt. 4 pockets to keep clean and dirty microfiber cloths seperately. Handy for carrying cloths and chemicals when a full trolley is not needed.


ULTIMATE Cleaning Machines : With help of best-in-class range of machines which run on intelligent platforms, we can achieve much more.

For example : Vacuum Machines fitted with HEPA Filters – HEPA Filters improve filtration to even higher standards and help improve indoor air quality.

Machines fitted with alarm feature & warning lights to prevent filter overpressure. And, there are many more emerging technologies which help us in delivering best.


We turn job into a career

Housekeeping is both art and science. Providing a superior housekeeping service requires both knowledge and refined skills.

We train all staff each month through classroom and e-learning training modules. Team is trained on professional skill and knowledge. Our training team is multi-lingual and understands the local culture to impart effective training.
The key is to provide concrete skillset training with lots of practical modules to physically perform the tasks in most efficient manner.
Each training session includes new and exclusive topics, for example, English proficiency, worker safety, supervisory knowledge, time management, team work, POSH, behavioral skills etc. Our experienced trainers ensure that appropriate evaluation is conducted post every training session.



Electro-Mechanical Services & Building Repairs

Our highly qualified maintenance professionals ensure that your facilities and assets performing optimally. Our proactive maintenance schedules and Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) tools help anticipate equipment issues well in advance and bring cost savings to our clients.

Key Services include:

  • Building Management System Operation
  • HVAC Operations and Maintenance
  • Electrical Operations and Maintenance
  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry
  • STP / WTP Maintenance
  • Repairs and Maintenance

Critical Maintenance & Command Centre (BMS)

Specialized Command Centre provides advanced data for real-time monitoring of systems and utilities, which enable faster issue detection and resolution resulting in optimized costs & operational efficiency.

We understand and deliver services as per criticality scale of our clients’ infrastructure, the configuration of the equipment and systems supporting it. Our crisis and change management processes are aligned as per industry standards.

The ISO & CE certifications are a testament to our quest for quality, safety and environmental sustainability.

Building (Intelligent) Management System

Tailored services suits driven by Artificial Intelligent guarantee better planning and decision-making, enhanced productivity and optimized performance.

AI-based service options include predictive maintenance, remote diagnostics, and advanced monitoring.

  • Remote service support speeds response and issue resolution.
  • Predictive diagnostics reveal deficiencies and extend equipment life.
  • Connected systems provide automatic notifications to help prevent system failures.

Key Systems covered under B(I)MS:

  • HVAC
  • Fire and Life Safety
  • Lighting
  • Security


We provide a vast range of uniformed security services, tailored to suit various business requirements. We have a dedicated team to thoroughly understand your unique security needs and we deliver the most effective solutions to exceed your expectations.

Physical Security

  • Physical Security
  • Manned Guarding Services
  • Personal Security Officer
  • Bouncer Security
  • Event Security
  • Executive Security
  • Patrolling Guards
  • Armed Guards
  • Traffic Management
  • Parking Attendants
  • Lift Guards
  • QRT / Squad
  • Security Survey & Consultancy
  • Background Verification
  • Corporate Investigation

Electronic Security

  • Remote Surveillance
  • Hardware & Software based security systems
    • Access Control System
    • Fire Alarm System
    • Multiple sensor detection
    • CCTV Surveillance


Our Security training program goes beyond the mandatory PSARA requirements


  • Principles of Security & Guarding
  • Gate House Duties
  • Search Procedures
  • Patrolling
  • First Aid & Rescue operations
  • Traffic Control & Parking
  • Customer Relations
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Security Systems
  • Telephone & Wireless Operating Procedures
  • Report Writing
  • Self Defense


  • Code of Conduct
  • Report Writing
  • Handling Emergencies
  • Legal Aspects of Guarding
  • Electronic Security Systems
  • Fire Prevention & Control
  • First Aid


  • Security Design
  • Type of Systems
  • Access Control
  • Intrusion Control
  • Electronic Locks
  • Fire / Smoke Detectors


  • Principles of First Aid & Diagnosis
  • Ailments and Injuries


  • Hold Techniques
  • Blocking & Locking Techniques
  • Choking Techniques
  • Defense against Knife Attacks
  • Defense against Baton



The threat scenario is constantly evolving and by challenging conventional thinking, we redesign top-notch security solutions that provide an assurance to our clients that their facilities are secured effectively. We provide end-to-end security services by implementing stringent processes and best-in-class technology to maintain safety and security. We regularly measure, improve and optimize manned guarding through operational excellence initiatives.

Our integrated HORTICULTURE services encompasses aspects of both beauty and functionality. Keeping your property green and healthy year round is a big job, and our expert horticulturist and landscape artists manage it all for you.

  • Landscaping Services
  • Horticultural Consultancy
  • Maintenance Services


Integrated Resource & Procurement Management

We focus on how companies are dealing with the economic situation in the context of warehouse and industrial operations. We focus on manpower deployment & procurements solutions since these are a significant part.

Manpower planning has been described as consisting of three parts, including predicting the demand for manpower, predicting the future supply of manpower, and reconciling the differences between demand and supply.

Our procurement function makes significant contributions to the cost-saving and operational management. Our end-to-end procurement solutions improve the efficiency of the procurement function by eliminating redundancy, inaccuracies, and inconsistencies.
We leverage our cross-functional expertise & knowledge optimizing supply chain communication, which in turn help establish strategic supplier relationship.

Through our procurement services, we ensure that there is focus on ownership of total cost rather than price, value for money, fair & ethical transactions, accountability, equity.



The procurement function makes significant contributions to the cost-saving and operational management efforts undertaken by businesses. End-to-end procurement solutions improve the efficiency of the procurement function by eliminating redundancy, inaccuracies, and inconsistencies.

End-to-end procurement, supply chain monitoring, market entry, market research, business process monitoring or sales outsourcing are just a few of the services we provide for our clients

Key Differentiators:

Well-developed infrastructure – Our strong relationships with selected suppliers, a multilingual team and PAN India presence enable us to be one-stop-shop service provider.

One stop-shop approach – Through our well-developed infrastructure, we provide integrated fulfillment of your requests, from market research to sourcing, active selling & procurement execution. We can also represent your business interests and manage the entire process of sourcing to prevent potential risks.

We make it easy – We handle all negotiations and deliver all the necessary components that will simplify your global trade and sourcing processes.

CARPET CARE : We offer a wide range of carpet care solutions that take care of spots, stains and enable you to achieve a deep clean. We have industry leading solutions for carpet care, Our comprehensive carpet care systems is designed to ensure quality results.

UPHOLSTERY CLEANING : We have a professional team with best machines and years of experience to clean and maintain the health upholstery.

PEST CONTROL : We provide complete pest control services and ensure that without any unwanted interruption employees can work with their full potential that will eventually effect the overall office performance.

SANITIZATION & INFECTION PREVENTION : We use a comprehensive range of products that can effectively control and provide an alternative to traditional disinfectants by delivering fast acting, broad scale disinfection with enhanced cleaning power

  • Ready-To-Use Liquids
  • Pre-moistened Wipes
  • Concentrates

SPACE & MOVEMENT MANAGEMENT : Our expert facility managers enable optimal allocation of workspace and help in transition of relocations. We ensure that without any loss of employee productivity all transitions take place smoothly.
Appropriate space management & planning combined with facility management can improve communication & sustainability, & can improve property management & business continuity.

FAÇADE CLEANING SERVICES : One of the advantages of using a professional company to clean the facade of your building is that they will have access to the latest equipment. We use tools and equipment of highest specifications; which is specifically designed for this type of cleaning. Our experts will also use specialist cleaning solutions and the most up-to-date techniques.